What is Celucore?

Celucore originated from a process referred to as Celuka,  Celuka is a process of extruding vinyl. There are two types of foam material. One is called free foam and the other process is Celuka.  Celuka process provides a harder surface than free foam.

In the unique Celuka process, special extrusion tooling allows for quick cooling of the outer surface of the Celucore material, and an inward expansion of the cellular pvc, resulting in a product profile with a hard, smooth outer surface and a strong cellular core. Extruding the PVC around a torpedo-shaped device, and water-cooling, is what adds hardness in the Celuka process, and one reason we can confidently state Celucore Shutters has the hardest surface in the industry. It also has the most exacting thicknesses ever manufactured.You’ll immediately notice the difference upon delivery, with no marks, dents or scratches. Installers will experience the Celucore difference as they deliver and install Celucore shutters using their regular tools.  All Celucore products, look, feel and work just like high-quality wood, but are impervious to moisture, Heat, and just about anything else Mother Nature can deal out.  Celucore products won’t swell, rot, split, Discolor,  even under the harshest of conditions.

The harder surface makes the shutter more durable and ding resistant. It also makes the shutter stronger. Celuka costs more to run than free foam, but it is a quality feature that  is worth paying for. We absorb this added cost so our shutters cost you no more than softer free foam shutters.


What is the delivery time of Celucore shutters? 

We feel our shutter products are the fastest to manufacture and assemble in the country. The result is that most of our shutters are delivered in days, not weeks.

Are Celucore shutters painted? 

Yes, our shutters are painted with the latest water based coatings. These coatings are non-yellowing and moisture-resistant.

What is your warranty?

The shutters are warrantied to be free of manufacturing defects. The paint finish is warrantied for three years though the chance of having any problems in your lifetime are not probable. Due to the quality of the product and the quality of our work, warranty work is never an issue. When buying your shutters, always be aware of the company you are buying them from. A warranty is only as strong as the company backing it.

Call 1-407-601-0500 to learn more about Celucore, and why it’s so easy to make “The Hard Choice.”